Tea Thief – special tea blends


Boobie Brew: A helping hand for the ‘4th trimester’ – this special blend encourages breast milk production and flow, as well as helping the womb to return to its natural size and tone after birth. An extra bonus is that it reduces bloating/colic in both mama & baby!

Dalai Calma: Our holiest of teas, Dalai will calm your nerves after a long day and encourage a restful sleep, for when you manage to get your head on the pillow! Chamomile and lemon balm are masters at fighting stomach pains and bloating, while passionflower and lavender are the perfect night-time companions. This blend can also be brewed and cooled, with milk/mylk & honey added, to give a restless toddler before bed.
Lemony Ninja: This blend is zingy and warm, thanks to its citrus hits and ginger notes. Elderflower and ginger help a mama out when your immune system is taking a battering, while ginger also calms a nervous gut, reduces nausea, indigestion & constipation. Drink when your body needs a little love.
Roo Ain’t the Bos of Me: A delightfully indulgent sticky chai, with one incredible benefit – it’s caffeine free! This is the perfect day or night-time brew, when you’re avoiding or reducing your caffeine intake. Simmer on the stove & enjoy with a picnic, as a treat when the kids are in bed or simply as a pick-me-up when coffee is a no-go! Your body and taste buds will thank you for it.